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Cyber Incident Response Plan (Part 3)

Posted by Jim on July 24, 2015
Every day we see more and more stories about security breaches across the globe. With there being so many new cyber security threats coming out the need for traffic analysis and a strong Cyber Incident Response plan has never been so high. In part one and part two of this ...

Ziften ZFlow Reporting Support

Posted by Miles O'Brien on July 9, 2015
After analyzing their export, Ziften ZFlow reporting support or Ziften IPFIX support is now supported by our flow collection system. Per their announcement recently at the RSA conference, Ziften joins the ranks of dozens of other vendors who are supporting IPFIX with ...

Fortiswitch IPFIX Configuration

Posted by Ryan Slosser on July 8, 2015
Today I want to talk a little about the Fortiswitch IPFIX configuration on the Fortiswitch-500. As of version 4.0 MR1 the Fortiswitch-500 can export IPFIX to your NetFlow Collector. IPFIX is the standard for flow information exports, hense the name IPFIX (Internet Protocol ...


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