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Moving existing install to a new server
Last post by maciejw on April 22, 2016
Upgrading Scrutinizer Virtual Appliance
Last post by Jarrydb on April 05, 2016
Security Contact
Last post by maciejw on April 04, 2016
How to install VMtools on Netflow CentOS 6.6 VM
Last post by ssandven on March 11, 2016
Nexus 7009 Speed Accuracy
Last post by tomp on February 26, 2016

Blog Entries

DNS Firewall : Free Update to Bind

Posted by Thomas on May 19, 2016
Recently we went through an exercise which turned our DNS into a firewall for a well-maintained list of requested hostnames.  It was designed to work with our host reputation feed that is provided to our FlowPro Defender customers who use it to uncover internal end systems ...

VMware NSX IPFIX Exports

Posted by Jeff Morrison on May 18, 2016
With the growing number of vendors supporting Flow based technologies, we’re seeing a rise in use cases and possibilities for flow analysis and performance monitoring. Even though there has been exponential growth in flow reporting over the last few years, we in the ...

Cryptolocker Detection On Your Network

Posted by Joanna Buckley on May 11, 2016
It lurks on the internet, it hungers for personal information, it waits until you download that seemingly innocent file... it's Cryptolocker. What is Cryptolocker? Cryptolocker, which is a type of Ransomware, has been around since 2013; however, it hasn't been making ...