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How to get Replicator running?
Last post by Jeff M on July 13, 2016
Exporter Shows Multiple Interfaces
Last post by Jeff M on July 05, 2016
Plixer va raw data storage
Last post by Jeff M on July 05, 2016
Moving existing install to a new server
Last post by maciejw on April 22, 2016
Upgrading Scrutinizer Virtual Appliance
Last post by Jarrydb on April 05, 2016

Blog Entries

How to Recognize a Voice Phishing Attempt

Posted by Alienor on July 28, 2016
Not all phishing attempts come in through your email. Has someone ever called you to offer you a free vacation, or to ask you to participate in a survey, and then asked you for sensitive information? They were attempting voice phishing, sometimes called “vishing.” My ...

Cisco ASA NetFlow Configuration using ASDM

Posted by Scott on July 27, 2016
Over the past few weeks I have taken a number of support calls from customers who were looking for some assistance with their Cisco ASA NetFlow configuration using ASDM. So I figured that I would take this opportunity to write a blog walking through the configuration ...

Cisco NBAR Best Practices for Custom Protocol Reporting

Posted by James Lawrence on July 25, 2016
As a company reporting on just about all unique flow exports found in the world, we run into nearly every issue probably thought possible.  From problems with active timeout to long lived flows, we work with different companies to try and make sure all the data can work ...