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NetFlow Collector IPv6 Support

Posted by Ryan Slosser on March 18, 2015
With the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, the need to switch to IPv6 is inevitable and has been for many years. As your company makes the switch to IPv6, don’t forget NetFlow collector’s IPv6 support. I’m not only talking about the ability of your NetFlow collector to ...

NetFlow Analyzer No Flows Received

Posted by Austin Brooks on March 13, 2015
When you log into your NetFlow Analyzer, it may be shocking to find one of your core devices is saying “no flows received”.  I’ve seen this in support and know that it is important to have your devices sending NetFlow data to your collector at all times.  I’ve ...

Reporting on Cisco QoS Queue Drops

Posted by Michael on March 11, 2015
Are you looking to report on Cisco QoS Queue Drops? Before I explain how to do this, keep in mind that this feature is supported on ISR-G2 with Performance Agent, starting from IOS 15.2(4)M2. Now, if you’re new to QoS Queue Drops and don’t understand why someone would ...


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