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Recent NetFlow, sFlow and IPFIX Blog Entries

HP 6600 NetFlow Support

Posted by Justin on February 26, 2015
Recently, I discovered that the HP 6600 Router Series has support for NetFlow. If you search for HP 6600 NetFlow Support, though, you don't find much. This is because HP's version of NetFlow is called NetStream (likely from their acquisition of 3Com). I first learned about ...

User Bandwidth Monitor

Posted by Christopher Reagan on February 25, 2015
I often receive calls from system administrators who want to set up a user bandwidth monitor. The admins aren't always clear about what they mean by that, but by using NetFlow and IPFIX data it's possible to create a variety of reports that could satisfy management's ...

How to Avoid NetFlow Sampling

Posted by Scott on February 18, 2015
As resource demands and bandwidth speeds in many of today's network infrastructures continue to increase, many network administrators believe that NetFlow sampling is the only way to deal with the high flow volume that is sent across the network. In fact, setting a NetFlow ...


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