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Plixer FlowPro
Last post by tomp on August 24, 2016
TACACS configuration
Last post by tomp on August 23, 2016
Alert if the ipsec tunnel is down
Last post by tomp on August 23, 2016
Unable to see flows in Scrutinizer
Last post by tomp on August 23, 2016
Understanding 95th/Peak/Total, where peak exceeds total in graphs
Last post by tomp on August 23, 2016

Blog Entries

What is DNS Tunneling?

Posted by Scott on September 28, 2016
DNS tunneling, is the ability to encode the data of other programs or protocols in DNS queries and responses. The concept of DNS tunneling was originally designed as a simple way to bypass the captive portals at the network edge. But as with many things on the Web, it is ...

NetFlow Vs. Packet Capture

Posted by Michael on September 22, 2016
Until the introduction of flow technologies like NetFlow and the standard called IPFIX, companies relied largely on two technologies. The first was SNMP which allowed customers to trend different performance metrics for long periods of time. Metrics included interface ...

Adding Context to Detection with Netflow

Posted by Jennifer Maher on September 21, 2016
Today’s Cyber Threats are becoming more and more sophisticated.  M-Trends 2016 Cyber Security report highlights two new trends from the past year.  First, more system breaches were made public in the news media. Second, the attackers were from a wider range of ...