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Arista sFlow Configuration

Posted by Austin Brooks on July 2, 2015
Lately I’ve spoken to a few people in the field that are using Arista switches to get visibility into their networks using sFlow and thought I would write about Arista sFlow configuration.  Arista switches offer a single sFlow agent that samples ingress traffic from all ...

NetFlow Directionality Support : Part 2

Posted by Michael on July 2, 2015
This is a continuation of Flow Directionality Support : Part 1 which should be read first. My guess is that a flow collector vendor claiming to determine flow or NetFlow direction makes an educated guess from NetFlow v5 traffic on who initiated the connection using flow ...

IWAN NetFlow Support

Posted by Justin on June 30, 2015
For a while now we have had IWAN NetFlow support built into our network incident response system, which collects and reports on NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, and all other flow derivatives.  IWAN stands for Intelligent WAN and promises intelligent path control, application ...


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