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Phishing Attack Training

Posted by Miles O'Brien on November 23, 2015
Last week we released a phishing attack training game called Click Click Phish after being inspired by Brian Krebs book "SPAM Nation".  The goal of the free game is to educate email users of all ages on the dangers of phishing attacks and the associated sneaky strategies ...

Network Forensic Analysis

Posted by Jeff Morrison on November 20, 2015
When an incident or threat occurs on our networks today one of the more plaguing questions that comes up is “How can I leverage the tools I have to gain more contextual details and find the root cause”? This is a difficult question to answer. All vendors and devices ...

How to deploy a Flowpro Virtual Appliance

Posted by Ryan Slosser on November 12, 2015
Today I want to talk about how to deploy a Flowpro Virtual Appliance. With the Flowpro Virtual Appliance, you can get that visibility into network traffic where exporting flow data is not natively available from devices. I want to go through the steps of deploying the ...


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